6 easy tips to increase sales 

Analyzing the context in which your company operates is very important to understand your processes, the market and whether the price of your product or service is adequate .

Therefore, at some point you will have to take the time to find out if these factors are interfering with your sales volume.

By following some tips that can be immediately applied to your business day-to-day, you can already get some results. Check what they are.

1. Monitor your sales assertively

Sales analysis is an important process not only for companies that are experiencing difficulties. It has the objective of investigating the results of the business in order to identify some insights that can be very useful.

From monitoring your sales , it is possible to obtain information that will help in the preparation of a sales plan , preventing the entrepreneur from ending up acting “in the dark” because he does not know which strategic aspects to focus on.

Among the benefits you can get by analyzing your sales are:

  • Find out what your best-selling products and/or services are and focus on them

Knowing which are your most and least sold products , you can work on them, making promotions, personalized offers, that is, greater dissemination and replenishment of stock in a timely manner.

Thus, it is possible to focus your strategic planning on those products that are generating more profit for the company and not run the risk of running out of stock .

You can even remove products/services that are not profitable from the catalogue. After all, spending energy on what does not make money should not be the focus of the business.

  • Don’t lose sales due to disorganization

Another important tip on how to increase sales is to monitor orders. By doing this, the entrepreneur is able to plan better on some commemorative date , in order to serve all customers in a timely manner and with quality.

Otherwise, that is, without keeping up with sales , the business owner may be surprised with high orders , which demand inventory and operational efforts.

Because of this, it may not be able to meet the demand, leaving the public dissatisfied and, consequently , reducing sales that would be fundamental for the business’s finances.

2. Offer different payment methods

You probably know someone who has stopped making a sale because they didn’t have a card machine or didn’t accept digital payments . Or maybe you were (or are) that person.

In recent years, payment methods have multiplied – and the cell phone has become increasingly used to pay for purchases (approximation or via Pix). In order not to lose customers and increase sales, it is necessary to adapt to this reality.

3. Know your customer’s behaviors and preferences

Accurate and reliable data about your customers is essential to make the best approach at the time of sale. In order to obtain information about their behavior and interests, as well as the seasons with the highest sales volumes, it is important to have good customer management practices .

Having an organized and easily accessible register is also essential for strengthening the relationship with the client. Details like a birthday message and not making calls to a person who doesn’t like that means of communication make a difference.

But to do that, you need to know where to find that data when you need it and get reminders on important dates. Writing it down on paper is definitely not the best solution – so count on a management system to make this record much more effective.

4. Record customer relationship history

A customer relationship management (CRM) tool is a great ally in optimizing the sales process. That’s because you can record each interaction with the consumer and, in this way, find out if he got stuck at any stage and correct this bottleneck.

In addition, the CRM helps to identify patterns that facilitate the application of sales techniques such as cross-selling (or cross-selling) and up-selling (selling a product from a category above).

If you want to improve this control and also the financial management of your business, the best option is to hire an ERP that allows integration with CRM tools .

5. Optimize the sales process in the online environment

If you already have a website and you are also having difficulties selling there, you should pay attention to cart abandonment and have strategies to make this experience more attractive , such as a first purchase discount or free shipping.

In addition, it is important to assess whether the information is clearly displayed for those who visit the site and whether the platform used has good usability, that is, it is easy to access.

Another important tip is to have physical and virtual stores integrated, both in terms of sales and customer service – what we call the omnichannel concept . The idea is to provide the customer with an experience that adapts to their preferences.

Therefore, the service must be available in different channels, but use the same languages, processes and design. Customers may also have the option of exchanging a product purchased online at a physical store, for example.

6. Automate processes and have more time for sales

Running a business also means having many tasks that must be done periodically. The daily routine, for example, includes many actions related to financial control , such as cash flow, bank reconciliation, issuing invoices and registering accounts payable and receivable.

These are functions that cannot be left aside, sometimes they are the responsibility of the entrepreneur himself and take a lot of time. But it is possible to reduce the time spent on these tasks by using integrated management tools , which share information between different areas of the company and automate manual work.

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