6 easy tips to increase sales 

Analyzing the context in which your company operates is very important to understand your processes, the market and whether the price of your product or service is adequate . Therefore, at some point you will have to take the time to find out if these factors are interfering with your sales volume. By following some tips that can … Read more

What is financial predictability?

Simply put, financial predictability is a type of analysis that helps the business build a budget scenario that is very close to the real one . In this way, it is possible to predict (in the coming months or years) how expenses, revenues, seasonality and factors (internal and external) that directly influence the company’s capital will be. Hypothetically … Read more

Financial consultant and planner: 4 tips to boost your results at the end of the month

Taking good care of finances is one of the most important criteria for the success of a company. At the same time, the process requires knowledge and experience — which makes many entrepreneurs and managers seek external professional support. With this, professions such as consultant and financial planner stand out. For you who work in this … Read more

7 mistakes when selling that you need to avoid to earn more 

The perfect entrepreneur has yet to be born, who manages everything easily, carries out the operation alone and makes no mistakes when selling. But until then, every business owner should seek to improve in management. One of the first steps to take control of your business is to understand what the most common mistakes are made in the … Read more